Red Noses | Feb 2024

A TV commercial we crafted for Red Noses clown doctors’ fund raising campaign.

Pakruojo Dvaro Bravoras Ir Spirito Varykla | Oct 2023

Paskoline (Loan Bitter in English) is a special drink we created, designed, produced, and got into stores just 72 hours after the sentencing of the former minister of transportation and communications of the Lithuanian Republic, Eligijus Masiulis, in a bribing case. As alcohol advertising is banned in Lithuania, the packaging design had to do the whole job – excite the nation, tell the story, and sell the product, which it did on the very first day.

Lidl | Jul 2023

A long-running campaign we created to highlight what makes Lidl stores different such as the low prices and the unique assortment of items they carry. The TV ad featuring a "unique assortment" became the most memorable of the summer of 2022, according to Synopticom Ad Research. The phrase "This is not like Lidl" also became a part of Lithuanian colloquial language.

Red Cross Lithuania | Apr 2023

Lithuania ranked 83rd in the 2022 World Giving Index. Before considering whether to give to others, some Lithuanians will wonder, “What’s in it for me?” If the answer is “nothing,” they will most likely not donate money to those in need. To change that, we created a campaign for the Red Cross Lithuania.

Mashie | Feb 2023

Hot Power is a first-of-its-kind hot berry power drink from Mashie. We created the packaging line, which employs the animal illustrations historically used by the brand.

Mashie | Oct 2022

A packaging line design we crafted for Mashie hot berry drinks.

Svyturys | Jul 2022

A website and a registration mechanism to book excursions we built for Svyturys Brewery lets a user navigate the website with the simple turn of a mouse wheel.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Aug 2022

Names and designs for a line of special beers we crafted for Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) dedicated to international IPA day.

LRT | May 2022

We conducted a complete visual identity revamp for the Lithuanian national broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television Group. The revamp included an overhaul of brand architecture with more focus given to sub-brands, a development of the complete visual design system including redesign of mother brand LRT, redesign of sub-brands LRT TV, LRT Plius, LRT Lituanica, LRT Radijas, LRT Opus, LRT Klasika and and development of the visual language for each sub-brand including ident and of on-air promos creation.

Red Noses | May 2022

A TV commercial in which we captured the essence of Red Noses clown doctors’ organisation with the goal of raising funds.

Resq | Mar 2022

Resq is a non-chlorine, non-bleach stain remover that is packaged in recycled plastic from Naujoji Ringuva. We came up with the brand name, created the logo and overall brand look and designed the multiple SKUs portfolio packaging.

Lidl | Apr 2022

A campaign we created to present fresh spring and later autumn harvests at Lidl stores.

Call Russia | Mar 2022

Call Russia – a counter–disinformation initiative we have created in collaboration with 15 Min Group and other partners – has become one of largest and most impactful civic movements against the Russian–Ukrainian war. With very little budget and no pre-existing platform or infrastructure, the initiative has united volunteers from around the globe to cut through Putin’s information blockades and tell millions of Russians the truth and empower them to stand against the war. In just 4 weeks, Call Russia has been featured in 800+ top tier articles from CNN, BBC, CBS News, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, RTL News (Germany), and others, reaching an audience of 1.7+ billion and the volunteers, hailing from 132 countries, have made more than 130,000 calls, with 45% of the calls going through and 47% of those judged as successful.

Renaissance | Dec 2021

A line of Renaissance brandies we redesigned packaging for. The labels we crafted were designed for use on a very challenging bottle shape.

Lithuanian Swimming Federation | Aug 2021

In 2020, 159 people drowned in Lithuania, 4 times the EU average. On behalf of the Lithuanian Swimming Federation, we have created a provocative TV commercial encouraging parents to take their children to swimming lessons.

El Galipote | Jul 2021

El Galipote is a mysterious creature wondering the dense forests of Caribbean Islands. Able to transform into human shape and gifted with supernatural powers, it is the source behind countless folk tales and eyewitness accounts. We have used the legend as an inspiration for a new rum brand from Vilniaus Degtine, called El Galipote. For packaging designs, we employed indigenous Caribbean animals that we transformed into animals with human characters.

Moskovskaya | Jan 2021

We created a limited-edition Moskovskaya sleeve design for the Chinese nightclubs market. The detailed dragon illustration is covered with UV varnish and changes colour under neon lights.

Lidl | Jun 2021

A series of television ads we created to pitch the freshness of the produce available at Lidl stores. According to Synopticom Ad Research, these became the best-liked Lithuanian ads in the second quarter of 2021.

Svyturys | Nov 2020

The packaging design we crafted for a limited-edition Brewmaster’s Selection, a Belgian triple ale from Svyturys.

Svyturys | Dec 2020

The packaging design we crafted for Compass V, a limited edition beer matured for 18 months in bourbon barrels from Svyturys.

Niekieno Vaikai | Nov 2020

A campaign we created for Niekieno Vaikai (Nobody's Children). It was inspired by a real story and collected enough money for the initiative to continue running for 3 months in the 5 largest Lithuanian cities.

Obeliu Crafted Vodka | Oct 2020

A brand name, bottle and label design, as well as a website we created for Obeliu Crafted Vodka, a super-premium vodka from Vilniaus Degtine. This vodka is made from spirits sourced from the Obeliu Distillery, built in 1907 by Jonas Psezdeckis, the last Count of Rokiskis. The front label features a photograph of Countess Katerina Komaraite Psezdeckiene bottling the Obeliu spirits in 1930.

Labas Majas | May 2020

A TV commercial we created to enable an animal shelter to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The campaign raised enough money to ensure that the shelter remained open and functional during the summer of 2020.

Essentiale | May 2020

A series of posters and press ads we crafted for the liver detox drug Essentiale. The illustrator Bogdan Katsuba collaborated with us to create the artwork.

Lidl | Jan 2020

A multi-award-winning campaign we created to pitch the benefits of shopping at Lidl stores to the public. Synopticom Ad Research ranked it as the No. 1 most memorable campaign in Lithuania in the first quarter of 2020, which helped drive a 23.5% annual turnover growth at Lidl stores.

Malsena | Apr 2020

The packaging design for the Malsena pasta range.

Svyturys | Nov 2019

The packaging design we created for a Compass IV limited edition beer, matured for 6 months in Laphroaig barrels, from Svyturys.

Svyturys | Dec 2019

A packaging design we developed for the 2019 Vintage Imperial Stout, a limited edition beer from Svyturys.

Lidl | Nov 2019

At the end of 2019, Lidl Lithuania pledged to withdraw all single-use plastic shopping bags from Lidl stores for once and for all. We created the new Lidl paper bag design featuring a whale whose tail serves as the handle, and we created a social media campaign to rally Lithuanians to care about the planet.

Pergale | Nov 2019

A packaging design we crafted for the Pergale Unique line of chocolate tablets. The illustrations were created by the artist and zookeeper Lori Dunn.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Oct 2019

A name and label design we created for Spicy Mixtape – a limited edition beer resulting from a collaboration between Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) and Brooklyn Breweries. The drink features a lot of spices, ranging from honey and ginger to red pepper and sweet orange peel.

Lidl | Oct 2019

An office employee recruitment online commercial we created for Lidl Lithuania. The commercial is based on the Lithuanian saying “to roll a fool on the floor”, which means to keep procrastinating.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Oct 2019

A name and label we designed for the Banginio Dieta (Whale's Diet) coconut cheesecake stout from Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop).

Sonarworks | Oct 2019

A digital performance campaign we developed for Sonarworks Reference 4 software. The campaign outperformed the control campaign by almost two times, both at the top and bottom of the consumer journey funnel.

VIC | Oct 2019

A series of posters we crafted to promote the VIC dental clinic. The artwork was created by the illustrator and comic artist Rocco Lombardi.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Oct 2019

A packaging revamp we crafted for the Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) craft brewery. The new designs are centered on the iconic brick cart, which we introduced on the labels 6 years ago for then-new brewery.

Moskovskaya | Aug 2019

Bottle and label designs we created for Moskovskaya vodka, which is sold in more than 60 markets worldwide.

Colgate | Apr 2019

A joint project we created with the Red Fuse Paris agency to alert parents to one of the greatest enemies of healthy teeth: sweets.

Svyturys | Apr 2019

A TV commercial we crafted to launch the alcohol-free version of the iconic Lithuanian beer Svyturys Ekstra.

Novanight | Mar 2019

A radio commercial we developed to launch Novanight in Lithuania, a food supplement for a better sleep available from Sanofi.

Svyturys | Dec 2018

The packaging design we crafted for the Compass III limited edition beer – a beer matured for 36 months in Mackmyra barrels from Svyturys.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Dec 2018

A name, label, wrap and a gift box we designed for the limited edition Buriu Burtai (Sail Spells) chocolate mint stout available from Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop).

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Oct 2018

A name and label design we created for the 4 Vejai (4 Winds) German ale from Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop).

Pakruojo Dvaro Bravoras Ir Spirito Varykla | Dec 2018

The packaging we designed for Eau De Vie De Biere from Pakruojo Dvaro Bravoras Ir Spirito Varykla (Pakruojis Manor Brewery And Distillery) distillery, a distillery committed to bringing traditional liquors from the Baltic region to the public.

Caffeine | Oct 2018

A reimagining of the famous Tic-Tac-Toe game we designed in 3D to promote the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Caffeine. By using coffee beans and pumpkins instead of noughts and crosses, one can play against a friend or the machine.

Telia | Sept 2018

A set of posters we designed to promote Telia IT’s system maintenance services to companies.

Coffee Address | Aug 2018

A brand name, visual identity design and line of packaging we developed for the house-blend roasted beans from Coffee Address.

Svyturys | Jun 2018

An exhibition concept, design and exhibition article we designed for Svyturys Museum set in the historic premises of Svyturys Brewery. The museum explores the craft of beer-making and the history of Svyturys, along with the story of the acclaimed Ekstra beer. In the exhibition, all the beers ever brewed under the Tradicine Kolekcija (Traditional Collection) and Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) brands are presented.

Inmedica | May 2018

A poster for Inmedica clinics we designed to advertise gastroenterology tests and treatments.

Pakruojo Dvaras | May 2018

A TV commercial we created for the largest manor in Lithuania dating back to the 16th century – Pakruojo Dvaras (Manor Of Pakruojis). It is now a living museum and has been named as a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN).

Svyturys | Nov 2017

A set of visuals we designed for Svyturys beer, celebrating the beauty of life at the seaside. | Dec 2017

A poster that we crafted to promote gift wish list service from

Tele2 | Nov 2017

A website we developed for the first genuine alphabet made with images from Latvia’s landscape. The alphabet was a gift to Latvia on its 100th anniversary and features landscape photographs of letters shaped like objects in the terrain. These images were obtained on the Tele2 4G Drone mission, which used a drone to fly to the areas with 4G coverage to publicly assess the strength of the Tele2 4G network. The website featured a landscape letter gallery, where visitors were able to use its messenger feature to send messages using the Latvian landscape letters. The messenger was used to showcase the alphabet in an interactive booth at the Staro Riga Light Festival, where the landscape letter messages were projected onto giant screens.

Rasa | Oct 2017

The packaging we designed for a limited-edition Rasa hand cream. This hugely popular design reached over a quarter of a million of people organically and generated more than ten thousand reactions on Facebook with a single post from the parent company BIOK Labaratorija. It became the most successful limited-edition product for the company, generating +71% more sales than in the same time period the previous year.

Svyturys | Oct 2017

The last TV commercial for Svyturys beer that we produced before Lithuania’s total ban on alcoholic beverage advertising came into force. The ad pulls scenes and heroes from classic ads, which have become a part of Lithuanian popular culture over the years, into the world of Svyturys’ “sea romance”.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Aug 2017

A set of materials for Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) we designed to celebrate IPA Day at select pubs. Special illustrations were developed for every bar that was involved, with materials that included posters, beer pads, T-shirts, jumpers, temporary tattoos, and other merchandise.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Mar 2017

A name, label design and online video we developed for the limited edition Juroje Supasi Lempa (Lamp in the Sea) beer, created for the Kino Pavasaris film festival by Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop). The malt for this beer was dried under a 4.1 kW cinema lamp and the label was coated in ultraviolet dye, making its appearance change once exposed to ultraviolet (and cinema) light.

Svyturys | Mar 2017

A TV commercial we created to promote the pairing of Svyturys Traditional Collection’s beer with food, featuring the Lithuanian celebrity chefs Deivydas Praspaliauskas and Gaspar Fernandes.

Maxima | Jun 2016

A campaign we developed for an initiative by the Olympic champion (and best-ever Lithuanian swimmer) Ruta Meilutyte and retailer Maxima to raise money for Lithuanian children’s swimming lessons, and in this way, to save them from drowning. The campaign has raised over 110,000 donations.

Maxima | Sept 2016

A TV commercial/music video performed by Zygimantas Kudirka, aka Messiah, for retailer Maxima to promote Brainers. Brainers is a set of 80 cards that encourages kids to discover a fascinating world of experiments and brainteasers.

Zabolis Partners | May 2016

A visual identity and corporate website we designed for Zabolis Partners, a private equity firm specialising in the real estate, sustainable energy, e-commerce and financial technology sectors. We emphasised the firm’s internal motto of always starting a project from a blank page.

Melt Water | May 2016

Glass and PET bottles and 30+ SKU labels we designed for Melt Water. This super-premium bottled water is produced via a proprietary technology that mimics the natural formation and melting of glaciers, which involves a complex, multistage process of freezing, extracting and melting the “core” ice.

Vichy | Apr 2016

A TV commercial we crafted for the silver-purified Vichy brand of bottled water.

Credit 24 | Apr 2016

A TV commercial for a revolutionary Credit Line product – a product designed for regular credit consumers from Credit 24.

Danissimo | Feb 2016

A digital campaign and national phenomena we developed for Danissimo in Belarus. Women were invited to visit a special micro-website where they could choose from a list of the top 120 most popular Belarusian names and upload their picture, at which point a personalised song was generated and performed by a four-member boy band. Over 120,000 of these personalised videos were generated, while nearly 50% of the traffic was viral and the bounce rate was as low as 2.42%. The boy band appeared on national TV in morning talk shows, and the song was featured on the “Top Gift” lists for Valentine’s Day.

Lithuanian Vodka | Feb 2016

A limited-edition seasonal packaging we designed for Lithuanian vodka. The naïve illustrations were inspired by the folk patterns found on traditional window shutters and explore traditional Easter themes including Pancake Tuesday and the Fair of St Casimir.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Nov 2015

A name and label we designed for a limited edition beer from Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) called Jam Session. 10 tons of birch sap went into this very special beer, which was brewed together with the legendary Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Breweries fame.

Vaiku Linija | Jan 2016

A volunteer recruitment campaign we created for Vaiku Linija (Children’s Helpline). The campaign resulted in 340 people reaching out and filling in the applications, leading to the creation of 5 new volunteer groups (120 people in total). This enabled an additional 21,000 hours of volunteer work in 2016. As a result, Children’s Helpline was answering 1 in 4 calls (compared to 1 out of 9 in 2015).

Vilnius Comedy Fest | Nov 2015

A multi-award-winning visual identity and campaign we created for the first-ever comedy festival in Lithuania, Vilnius Comedy Fest. The logotype of the festival is a reinterpretation of the Vilnius coat-of-arms, and the campaign addresses the notoriously serious local population.

Caffeine | Aug 2015

A super-light and super-fast-loading website we developed for Coffee Inn based on Scalable Video Graphics illustrations animated with JavaScript.

Maxima | Jul 2015

A website we developed for Maxima, the largest retailer in the Baltics. It was built using a modular approach, which allows for greater flexibility and provides an excellent user experience with a cohesive modern visual language. The key functionality, which displays weekly and other offers, was brought to a whole new level, where the presented offers are adapted to individual needs and can be easily filtered and searched in a variety of new ways. Maxima’s website became fully responsive and worked seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | May 2015

A cart-like shop display we created for Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop).

Karkle | May 2015

A series of posters we designed for the Karkle music festival. To produce the posters, the figures were modelled in plaster by the contemporary artist Antanas Dubra and were later photographed.

Saules Pienas | May 2015

A packaging design inspired by the interwar period we crafted for the Saules Pienas (Sun Milk) line of dairy products from the Lithuanian retailer Maxima.

Velcom | Apr 2015

A book we developed as the result of an 11-month deep dive into the Belarus telco Velcom. The resulting publication summarises the principles behind the organisation and brand in a succinct and sharp manner.

OKT | May 2015

A TV commercial we created to introduce Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre’s 17th season to the public.

Svyturys | Feb 2015

A very delicate design work for an iconic and exceptionally busy Svyturys logotype, aiming to give the logo a modern, quality feel with little to no actual changes to the design. The redesign of the logotype retained the profusion of all the elements, and a great deal of effort was spent improving the comprehensibility of the symbols. Dozens of designs were executed and tested for every logo element from the shape of the eagle feathers to the width, kerning, and outline of the lettering. The style of these elements was modernised and their execution was unified by means of hand drawing. Subsequently, a lot of thought was given to an elegant merger of these elements and a gentle rebalance of the logotype’s priorities to ensure a stronger impact. Finally, the logotype was reproduced in a vector format.

Caffeine | Jan 2015

A series of posters we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) showcasing its passion for coffee craftsmanship.

Caffeine | Dec 2014

A series of award-winning posters we created for a special winter coffee called Forest Fairytale.

Maxima | Oct 2014

A campaign we developed to promote diary products at Maxima stores.

Svyturys | Jul 2014

A paper wrap we crafted for Svyturys Memelbrau beer bottles, inviting people to purchase the beer with 5 cents from each bottle going to replenish the Curonian Spit forest that had burned down. The illustration on the wrap depicts the tragedy of the Curonian Spit fire and was created with coal from burnt trees located on the actual site. More than 50,000 pine trees were planted with the money raised through this campaign.

Maxima | Sept 2014

A campaign that we created for the first-time ever based on various Lithuanian language dialects, which was designed to bring pride to the produce from different regions of Lithuania.

Vaiku Linija | Mar 2014

A multi-award-winning TV commercial we created for Vaiku Linija (Children Helpline) to raise awareness about the dangers of cyberbullying.

Omnitel | Jun 2014

A series of award-winning radio commercials we created to introduce the Spotify digital music service for Omnitel customers.

Kaunas City | Jan 2014

A visual identity system we developed for Kaunas city. The logo of Kaunas is made of stripes in various colours (designed to reflect the different layers of city life, from business to modern culture and from history to sport) that bend, cross each other and interlace. The interlacing design principle underlines the open spirit and versatility of Kaunas city and extends beyond the logo to build a comprehensive visual identity that seamlessly engages with the environment.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Dec 2013

A visual identity and packaging designs we crafted for the Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) craft brewery, set up in the 230-year-old red brick Svyturys premises on the shores of the Baltic Sea shore. It is a place where experimentation, play and unconventional raw materials give rise to small batches of beer with unexpected and amazing flavours. The simplistic, joyful design forgoes the fancy beer design tradition, instead relying on the playful nature of the craft beer, while the names of the beer flavours pay tribute to the sea.

Omnitel | Oct 2013

The world of Omnitel we created featuring 11 unique characters, with detailed outdoor and indoor environments for a series of Omnitel ads. Each character was developed through a process starting from initial sketches and detailed drawings of every facial expression to 3D modelling, texturing and creating movement rigs in partnership with the animation studio OKTA. The outdoor environments replicated Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities and, together with the indoor environments and character accessories, they comprised more than a thousand 3D objects.

Vilnius Book Festival | Sept 2013

A series of posters we designed for the Vilnius Book Festival, exploring the connection between the works and lives of the writers.

Svyturys | Apr 2013

A print advertisement we crafted to announce the nationwide distribution of a beer previously only available in the Klaipeda region: Memelbräu.

Vilnius Temperature | Jun 2013

A website we created for the artists’ collective Vilnius Temperature. The collective shoots music videos in Vilnius and colour grades them in accordance with the weather when they were shot. When you enter the website, the current temperature in Vilnius is detected and a music video is offered that was shot in a similar temperature. Furthermore, the videos may be sorted and filtered by temperature gradients.

Velcom | Jan 2013

A TV commercial we created for Belarus’s largest and very business-oriented telecom company, Velcom. Every mask featured in this ad was handcrafted by the contemporary Belarusian artist Alexander Shappo.

Vaiku Linija | Mar 2013

A TV commercial we developed to promote an Anti-Bullying Week initiative from Vaiku Linija (Children’s Helpline).

Laima | Dec 2012

A press ad we designed for Laima, a women's magazine.

Caffeine | Oct 2012

A poster we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) Flat White featuring a coffee bean sculpture that resembled the Hokusai wave. The poster was produced by hand-modelling the physical wave using coffee beans and polymer clay, which we then photographed.

Vilnius Book Festival | Aug 2012

A highly awarded campaign we developed to promote the first Vilnius Book Festival, which became our first Cannes Lions winner. The illustrations for the campaign were produced by Stasys Eidrigevicius, an acclaimed Lithuanian artist and creator of legendary posters from the ’80s.

Supynes | May 2012

A campaign and visual identity we designed for the Supynes electronic music festival that takes place in the beautiful woods of Aukstaitija National Park.

Svyturys | Jun 2011

A series of print ads we made for the Memelbrau beer from Svyturys – a beer available for purchase only in the Klaipeda region. The ads are based on real stories from the land of Klaipeda.

Svyturys | May 2012

A TV commercial we fashioned to re-introduce a best-selling premium beer in Lithuania, Svyturys Ekstra. The multi-award winning TV ad included detailed drawings of every element of a watch mechanism, 3D modelling, and a special programmed rig that animated the components into a single mechanism.

15 Min | Mar 2011

An award-winning campaign we created for, at the time, the most positive newspaper in Lithuania, 15 min.

Scottish Leader | May 2011

A pan-Baltic campaign we developed for Scottish Leader Whisky. It resulted in a 119% increase in sales, depending on the country, with a much-needed radical change in consumer perception measured by attributes such as old traditions and high quality, among others.

Caffeine | Oct 2010

A simple, yet art direction intensive, award-winning poster we crafted for a coffee with 2 separate layers of cold milk and hot coffee named White & Black.

KIFF | Aug 2010

A multi-awarded campaign we crafted for Kaunas International Film Festival exploring the influence that art cinema can have on people.

Small Planet Airlines | Aug 2010

A true 360-degree revamp we did for Small Planet Airlines, from the brand idea and platform to the name, logo, visual identity, plane livery, interior design, host gear design, client service ideas and client service standard, inflight materials, website design, and much more.

Svyturys | Jul 2009

Promotional merchandise we crafted for fans of the Lithuanian National Basketball Team along with viral videos. Walking in these shoes leaves behind the footprints: We Will Win. Over 50,000 shoes were distributed as prizes, while the viral videos collected over 300,000 organic YouTube views.

DnB Nord | Jun 2009

A campaign we created to sell “basketball” deposits during the European Basketball Championship in Poland for DNB Nord bank. The campaign was based on the cult Polish animation series, Lolek and Bolek. To maintain its authenticity, the Polish Film Institute supervised the production of the animations.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2009

A multi-awarded campaign we created that brought cult status to the Satta Outside festival and was recognised as Client Of The Year at the Adrenalinas awards. At the time, the brothers were a real creative team at the agency who were briefed to create the campaign. The creative directors could not make sense of their ideas but loved their spirit, so the team became the focus of the campaign.

Omnitel | May 2008

A campaign we designed to bring Omnitel back to the basics of what communications is all about. It plays on the insight that we are the result of other people’s influences and makes use of an element of Omnitel’s visual identity – the cube – as its hero.

Svyturys | May 2009

A classic “irresistible taste” commercial we created for Švyturys beer.

Brand Lithuania | Feb 2008

A brand book we created to outline the principles of Lithuania's international efforts at image building. It lays down the general principles for brand Lithuania, as well the principles for promoting tourism, investments and the export of Lithuanian goods. It became the only image-building programme for Lithuania among many officially approved by the Lithuanian government at the time.

DnB Nord | Jun 2008

A campaign we developed that epitomises our idea of a great campaign: tangible business numbers (108% ROI, 91% revenue from new clients and 107% revenue growth compared to the previous year), proven effectiveness (winner of the 2nd Most Effective Campaign at the Local Effectiveness Awards), and public delight (2nd Most-Loved TV Commercial in 2008 in Lithuania according to a public vote). This was all done with the help of Chinese fans that were presented singing a remake of the Lithuanian basketball anthem.

Omnitel | Dec 2007

A campaign we designed for Omnitel that invited people to share their joy at Christmas.

Omnitel | Nov 2007

A promotional campaign we created for a new Omnitel tariff plan asking people to “shut up” at certain times – for all other times, there is Omnitel.

Vision Express | Sept 2007

A series of TV commercials we developed for a long-running popular campaign from the Vision Express optical retailer.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A print campaign we created to present the Omnitel SurfPort portals’ specialised news sections for business, sports and entertainment.

Audi | May 2007

A print-based campaign we crafted for an Audi dealership to make the owners of American imported Audi and Volkswagen cars aware of the available spare parts.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A CGI and photography-intensive print ads we crafted, underlying the point that with Omnitel, you don’t need to be special to qualify for special offers.

SEB | Apr 2007

Print ads we created for SEB in a campaign to introduce the option of composing your own bank card design. In the sea of the campaigns suggesting your card should reflect your lifestyle, this one focused on ordinary things that become extraordinary. Curious minds will enjoy discovering small surprises hidden within the “Egypt” ad.

SEB | Apr 2006

A product concept and a campaign we created to introduce it to the public in response to the commoditised mortgage market. Safe Mortgage would become one of the most powerful products within the SEB Lithuania portfolio and its concept would extend to other products such as consumer loans. The campaign was among the most innovative banking advertisements in Lithuania, including first-of-the-type long copy ads.

Audi | Jul 2006

A radio commercial we created for an Audi dealership service based on the belief that people tend to postpone their car maintenance.

SEB | Oct 2006

We crafted a print ad with enormous detail from 28 photos with the help of 3D modelling. Twenty-eight situations underlined multiple uses for the Laisvalaikis (Eng. Leisure) card. When this print ad was released as a double spread in magazines, people would spend as long as 15 minutes exploring the possibilities. | Nov 2005

A print ad, part of a campaign we designed that established the online airline tickets category overnight and propelled into the second largest airline ticket seller in the still predominantly offline market.

Kalnapilis | Nov 2005

One of the classic TV commercials we created for the challenger beer brand Kalnapilis. The commercial challenged unquestionable Lithuanian traditions and achieved unprecedented growth for the Kalnapilis brand.

IOM | Feb 2002

A campaign we developed for the prevention of sex trafficking of women in the Baltic States for the International Organization for Migration. Depending on the country, the campaign reached up to 87% of the risk group, and as a result, 13% of those in the risk group reached out to the IOM for assistance.

Kalnapilis | Aug 2005

A special ad we created for the Kalnapilis Grand promotion at a pizza chain that ran in their newspaper-styled menu.