Essentiale | May 2020

A series of posters and press ads we crafted for the liver detox drug Essentiale. The illustrator Bogdan Katsuba collaborated with us to create the artwork.

VIC | Oct 2019

A series of posters we crafted to promote the VIC dental clinic. The artwork was created by the illustrator and comic artist Rocco Lombardi.

Novanight | Mar 2019

A radio commercial we developed to launch Novanight in Lithuania, a food supplement for a better sleep available from Sanofi.

Inmedica | May 2018

A poster for Inmedica clinics we designed to advertise gastroenterology tests and treatments.

Rasa | Oct 2017

The packaging we designed for a limited-edition Rasa hand cream. This hugely popular design reached over a quarter of a million of people organically and generated more than ten thousand reactions on Facebook with a single post from the parent company BIOK Labaratorija. It became the most successful limited-edition product for the company, generating +71% more sales than in the same time period the previous year.