Maxima | Sept 2016

A TV commercial/music video performed by Zygimantas Kudirka, aka Messiah, for retailer Maxima to promote Brainers. Brainers is a set of 80 cards that encourages kids to discover a fascinating world of experiments and brainteasers.

Maxima | Jun 2016

A campaign we developed for an initiative by the Olympic champion (and best-ever Lithuanian swimmer) Ruta Meilutyte and retailer Maxima to raise money for Lithuanian children’s swimming lessons, and in this way, to save them from drowning. The campaign has raised over 110,000 donations.

Maxima | Jul 2015

A website we developed for Maxima, the largest retailer in the Baltics. It was built using a modular approach, which allows for greater flexibility and provides an excellent user experience with a cohesive modern visual language. The key functionality, which displays weekly and other offers, was brought to a whole new level, where the presented offers are adapted to individual needs and can be easily filtered and searched in a variety of new ways. Maxima’s website became fully responsive and worked seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device.

Maxima | Oct 2014

A campaign we developed to promote diary products at Maxima stores.

Maxima | Sept 2014

A campaign that we created for the first-time ever based on various Lithuanian language dialects, which was designed to bring pride to the produce from different regions of Lithuania.