Essentiale | May 2020

A series of posters and press ads we crafted for the liver detox drug Essentiale. The illustrator Bogdan Katsuba collaborated with us to create the artwork.

VIC | Oct 2019

A series of posters we crafted to promote the VIC dental clinic. The artwork was created by the illustrator and comic artist Rocco Lombardi.

Colgate | Apr 2019

A joint project we created with the Red Fuse Paris agency to alert parents to one of the greatest enemies of healthy teeth: sweets.

Svyturys | Jun 2018

An exhibition concept, design and exhibition article we designed for Svyturys Museum set in the historic premises of Svyturys Brewery. The museum explores the craft of beer-making and the history of Svyturys, along with the story of the acclaimed Ekstra beer. In the exhibition, all the beers ever brewed under the Tradicine Kolekcija (Traditional Collection) and Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) brands are presented.

Inmedica | May 2018

A poster for Inmedica clinics we designed to advertise gastroenterology tests and treatments. | Dec 2017

A poster that we crafted to promote gift wish list service from

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Aug 2017

A set of materials for Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) we designed to celebrate IPA Day at select pubs. Special illustrations were developed for every bar that was involved, with materials that included posters, beer pads, T-shirts, jumpers, temporary tattoos, and other merchandise.

Svyturys | Nov 2017

A set of visuals we designed for Svyturys beer, celebrating the beauty of life at the seaside.

Caffeine | Jan 2015

A series of posters we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) showcasing its passion for coffee craftsmanship.

Karkle | May 2015

A series of posters we designed for the Karkle music festival. To produce the posters, the figures were modelled in plaster by the contemporary artist Antanas Dubra and were later photographed.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2014

A campaign we developed to promote the Satta Outside Festival – a cult favourite in Lithuania that was taking place in Latvia for the first time.

Caffeine | Dec 2014

A series of award-winning posters we created for a special winter coffee called Forest Fairytale.

Zelta Zivtina | Nov 2013

A photography series we crafted to present new characters to the Zelta Zivtina advertising series, Zi & Ze.

Omnitel | Oct 2013

The world of Omnitel we created featuring 11 unique characters, with detailed outdoor and indoor environments for a series of Omnitel ads. Each character was developed through a process starting from initial sketches and detailed drawings of every facial expression to 3D modelling, texturing and creating movement rigs in partnership with the animation studio OKTA. The outdoor environments replicated Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities and, together with the indoor environments and character accessories, they comprised more than a thousand 3D objects.

Caffeine | Oct 2012

A poster we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) Flat White featuring a coffee bean sculpture that resembled the Hokusai wave. The poster was produced by hand-modelling the physical wave using coffee beans and polymer clay, which we then photographed.

Vilnius Book Festival | Aug 2012

A highly awarded campaign we developed to promote the first Vilnius Book Festival, which became our first Cannes Lions winner. The illustrations for the campaign were produced by Stasys Eidrigevicius, an acclaimed Lithuanian artist and creator of legendary posters from the ’80s.

Caffeine | Oct 2010

A simple, yet art direction intensive, award-winning poster we crafted for a coffee with 2 separate layers of cold milk and hot coffee named White & Black.

Svyturys | Jun 2011

A series of print ads we made for the Memelbrau beer from Svyturys – a beer available for purchase only in the Klaipeda region. The ads are based on real stories from the land of Klaipeda.

DnB Nord | Jun 2009

A campaign we created to sell “basketball” deposits during the European Basketball Championship in Poland for DNB Nord bank. The campaign was based on the cult Polish animation series, Lolek and Bolek. To maintain its authenticity, the Polish Film Institute supervised the production of the animations.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2009

A multi-awarded campaign we created that brought cult status to the Satta Outside festival and was recognised as Client Of The Year at the Adrenalinas awards. At the time, the brothers were a real creative team at the agency who were briefed to create the campaign. The creative directors could not make sense of their ideas but loved their spirit, so the team became the focus of the campaign.

Omnitel | Dec 2007

A campaign we designed for Omnitel that invited people to share their joy at Christmas.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A CGI and photography-intensive print ads we crafted, underlying the point that with Omnitel, you don’t need to be special to qualify for special offers.

SEB | Apr 2007

Print ads we created for SEB in a campaign to introduce the option of composing your own bank card design. In the sea of the campaigns suggesting your card should reflect your lifestyle, this one focused on ordinary things that become extraordinary. Curious minds will enjoy discovering small surprises hidden within the “Egypt” ad.

SEB | Oct 2006

We crafted a print ad with enormous detail from 28 photos with the help of 3D modelling. Twenty-eight situations underlined multiple uses for the Laisvalaikis (Eng. Leisure) card. When this print ad was released as a double spread in magazines, people would spend as long as 15 minutes exploring the possibilities.