LRT | May 2022

We conducted a complete visual identity revamp for the Lithuanian national broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television Group. The revamp included an overhaul of brand architecture with more focus given to sub-brands, a development of the complete visual design system including redesign of mother brand LRT, redesign of sub-brands LRT TV, LRT Plius, LRT Lituanica, LRT Radijas, LRT Opus, LRT Klasika and and development of the visual language for each sub-brand including ident and of on-air promos creation.


Pakruojo Dvaras | May 2018

A TV commercial we created for the largest manor in Lithuania dating back to the 16th century – Pakruojo Dvaras (Manor Of Pakruojis). It is now a living museum and has been named as a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN).

Vilnius Comedy Fest | Nov 2015

A multi-award-winning visual identity and campaign we created for the first-ever comedy festival in Lithuania, Vilnius Comedy Fest. The logotype of the festival is a reinterpretation of the Vilnius coat-of-arms, and the campaign addresses the notoriously serious local population.

Karkle | May 2015

A series of posters we designed for the Karkle music festival. To produce the posters, the figures were modelled in plaster by the contemporary artist Antanas Dubra and were later photographed.

OKT | May 2015

A TV commercial we created to introduce Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre’s 17th season to the public.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2014

A campaign we developed to promote the Satta Outside Festival – a cult favourite in Lithuania that was taking place in Latvia for the first time.

Vilnius Temperature | Jun 2013

A website we created for the artists’ collective Vilnius Temperature. The collective shoots music videos in Vilnius and colour grades them in accordance with the weather when they were shot. When you enter the website, the current temperature in Vilnius is detected and a music video is offered that was shot in a similar temperature. Furthermore, the videos may be sorted and filtered by temperature gradients.

Vilnius Book Festival | Sept 2013

A series of posters we designed for the Vilnius Book Festival, exploring the connection between the works and lives of the writers.

Vilnius Book Festival | Aug 2012

A highly awarded campaign we developed to promote the first Vilnius Book Festival, which became our first Cannes Lions winner. The illustrations for the campaign were produced by Stasys Eidrigevicius, an acclaimed Lithuanian artist and creator of legendary posters from the ’80s.

Laima | Dec 2012

A press ad we designed for Laima, a women's magazine.

15 Min | Mar 2011

An award-winning campaign we created for, at the time, the most positive newspaper in Lithuania, 15 min.

Supynes | May 2012

A campaign and visual identity we designed for the Supynes electronic music festival that takes place in the beautiful woods of Aukstaitija National Park.

KIFF | Aug 2010

A multi-awarded campaign we crafted for Kaunas International Film Festival exploring the influence that art cinema can have on people.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2009

A multi-awarded campaign we created that brought cult status to the Satta Outside festival and was recognised as Client Of The Year at the Adrenalinas awards. At the time, the brothers were a real creative team at the agency who were briefed to create the campaign. The creative directors could not make sense of their ideas but loved their spirit, so the team became the focus of the campaign.