Pakruojo Dvaro Bravoras Ir Spirito Varykla | Oct 2023

Paskoline (Loan Bitter in English) is a special drink we created, designed, produced, and got into stores just 72 hours after the sentencing of the former minister of transportation and communications of the Lithuanian Republic, Eligijus Masiulis, in a bribing case. As alcohol advertising is banned in Lithuania, the packaging design had to do the whole job – excite the nation, tell the story, and sell the product, which it did on the very first day.

LRT | May 2022

We conducted a complete visual identity revamp for the Lithuanian national broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television Group. The revamp included an overhaul of brand architecture with more focus given to sub-brands, a development of the complete visual design system including redesign of mother brand LRT, redesign of sub-brands LRT TV, LRT Plius, LRT Lituanica, LRT Radijas, LRT Opus, LRT Klasika and and development of the visual language for each sub-brand including ident and of on-air promos creation.

Resq | Mar 2022

Resq is a non-chlorine, non-bleach stain remover that is packaged in recycled plastic from Naujoji Ringuva. We came up with the brand name, created the logo and overall brand look and designed the multiple SKUs portfolio packaging.

Call Russia | Mar 2022

Call Russia – a counter–disinformation initiative we have created in collaboration with 15 Min Group and other partners – has become one of largest and most impactful civic movements against the Russian–Ukrainian war. With very little budget and no pre-existing platform or infrastructure, the initiative has united volunteers from around the globe to cut through Putin’s information blockades and tell millions of Russians the truth and empower them to stand against the war. In just 4 weeks, Call Russia has been featured in 800+ top tier articles from CNN, BBC, CBS News, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, RTL News (Germany), and others, reaching an audience of 1.7+ billion and the volunteers, hailing from 132 countries, have made more than 130,000 calls, with 45% of the calls going through and 47% of those judged as successful.

El Galipote | Jul 2021

El Galipote is a mysterious creature wondering the dense forests of Caribbean Islands. Able to transform into human shape and gifted with supernatural powers, it is the source behind countless folk tales and eyewitness accounts. We have used the legend as an inspiration for a new rum brand from Vilniaus Degtine, called El Galipote. For packaging designs, we employed indigenous Caribbean animals that we transformed into animals with human characters.

Obeliu Crafted Vodka | Oct 2020

A brand name, bottle and label design, as well as a website we created for Obeliu Crafted Vodka, a super-premium vodka from Vilniaus Degtine. This vodka is made from spirits sourced from the Obeliu Distillery, built in 1907 by Jonas Psezdeckis, the last Count of Rokiskis. The front label features a photograph of Countess Katerina Komaraite Psezdeckiene bottling the Obeliu spirits in 1930.

Svyturys | Jun 2018

An exhibition concept, design and exhibition article we designed for Svyturys Museum set in the historic premises of Svyturys Brewery. The museum explores the craft of beer-making and the history of Svyturys, along with the story of the acclaimed Ekstra beer. In the exhibition, all the beers ever brewed under the Tradicine Kolekcija (Traditional Collection) and Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop) brands are presented.

Coffee Address | Aug 2018

A brand name, visual identity design and line of packaging we developed for the house-blend roasted beans from Coffee Address.

Small Planet Airlines | Aug 2010

A true 360-degree revamp we did for Small Planet Airlines, from the brand idea and platform to the name, logo, visual identity, plane livery, interior design, host gear design, client service ideas and client service standard, inflight materials, website design, and much more.

Velcom | Apr 2015

A book we developed as the result of an 11-month deep dive into the Belarus telco Velcom. The resulting publication summarises the principles behind the organisation and brand in a succinct and sharp manner.

SEB | Apr 2006

A product concept and a campaign we created to introduce it to the public in response to the commoditised mortgage market. Safe Mortgage would become one of the most powerful products within the SEB Lithuania portfolio and its concept would extend to other products such as consumer loans. The campaign was among the most innovative banking advertisements in Lithuania, including first-of-the-type long copy ads.

Brand Lithuania | Feb 2008

A brand book we created to outline the principles of Lithuania's international efforts at image building. It lays down the general principles for brand Lithuania, as well the principles for promoting tourism, investments and the export of Lithuanian goods. It became the only image-building programme for Lithuania among many officially approved by the Lithuanian government at the time.