Omnitel | Jun 2014

A series of award-winning radio commercials we created to introduce the Spotify digital music service for Omnitel customers.

Omnitel | Oct 2013

The world of Omnitel we created featuring 11 unique characters, with detailed outdoor and indoor environments for a series of Omnitel ads. Each character was developed through a process starting from initial sketches and detailed drawings of every facial expression to 3D modelling, texturing and creating movement rigs in partnership with the animation studio OKTA. The outdoor environments replicated Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities and, together with the indoor environments and character accessories, they comprised more than a thousand 3D objects.

Omnitel | May 2008

A campaign we designed to bring Omnitel back to the basics of what communications is all about. It plays on the insight that we are the result of other people’s influences and makes use of an element of Omnitel’s visual identity – the cube – as its hero.

Omnitel | Dec 2007

A campaign we designed for Omnitel that invited people to share their joy at Christmas.

Omnitel | Nov 2007

A promotional campaign we created for a new Omnitel tariff plan asking people to “shut up” at certain times – for all other times, there is Omnitel.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A print campaign we created to present the Omnitel SurfPort portals’ specialised news sections for business, sports and entertainment.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A CGI and photography-intensive print ads we crafted, underlying the point that with Omnitel, you don’t need to be special to qualify for special offers.