Red Noses | Feb 2024

A TV commercial we crafted for Red Noses clown doctors’ fund raising campaign.


Petergailis | Feb 2024

An online film we crafted to introduce condensed-milk flavoured crackers from Petergailis.

Red Cross Lithuania | Apr 2023

Lithuania ranked 83rd in the 2022 World Giving Index. Before considering whether to give to others, some Lithuanians will wonder, “What’s in it for me?” If the answer is “nothing,” they will most likely not donate money to those in need. To change that, we created a campaign for the Red Cross Lithuania.

Lidl | Apr 2022

A campaign we created to present fresh spring and later autumn harvests at Lidl stores.

Call Russia | Mar 2022

Call Russia – a counter–disinformation initiative we have created in collaboration with 15 Min Group and other partners – has become one of largest and most impactful civic movements against the Russian–Ukrainian war. With very little budget and no pre-existing platform or infrastructure, the initiative has united volunteers from around the globe to cut through Putin’s information blockades and tell millions of Russians the truth and empower them to stand against the war. In just 4 weeks, Call Russia has been featured in 800+ top tier articles from CNN, BBC, CBS News, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, RTL News (Germany), and others, reaching an audience of 1.7+ billion and the volunteers, hailing from 132 countries, have made more than 130,000 calls, with 45% of the calls going through and 47% of those judged as successful.

Labas Majas | May 2020

A TV commercial we created to enable an animal shelter to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The campaign raised enough money to ensure that the shelter remained open and functional during the summer of 2020.

Lidl | Nov 2019

At the end of 2019, Lidl Lithuania pledged to withdraw all single-use plastic shopping bags from Lidl stores for once and for all. We created the new Lidl paper bag design featuring a whale whose tail serves as the handle, and we created a social media campaign to rally Lithuanians to care about the planet.

Lidl | Jan 2020

A multi-award-winning campaign we created to pitch the benefits of shopping at Lidl stores to the public. Synopticom Ad Research ranked it as the No. 1 most memorable campaign in Lithuania in the first quarter of 2020, which helped drive a 23.5% annual turnover growth at Lidl stores.

Sonarworks | Oct 2019

A digital performance campaign we developed for Sonarworks Reference 4 software. The campaign outperformed the control campaign by almost two times, both at the top and bottom of the consumer journey funnel.

Lidl | Oct 2019

An office employee recruitment online commercial we created for Lidl Lithuania. The commercial is based on the Lithuanian saying “to roll a fool on the floor”, which means to keep procrastinating.

Zelta Zivtina | Oct 2018

An online video we created to promote the no-frills pay-as-you-go tariffs from Zelta Zivtina.

Caffeine | Oct 2018

A reimagining of the famous Tic-Tac-Toe game we designed in 3D to promote the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Caffeine. By using coffee beans and pumpkins instead of noughts and crosses, one can play against a friend or the machine.

Lemon | Jan 2018

A campaign we developed to launch a youth-focused sub-brand called Lemon, from the Belarus telecom provider Velcom.

Tele2 | Nov 2017

A website we developed for the first genuine alphabet made with images from Latvia’s landscape. The alphabet was a gift to Latvia on its 100th anniversary and features landscape photographs of letters shaped like objects in the terrain. These images were obtained on the Tele2 4G Drone mission, which used a drone to fly to the areas with 4G coverage to publicly assess the strength of the Tele2 4G network. The website featured a landscape letter gallery, where visitors were able to use its messenger feature to send messages using the Latvian landscape letters. The messenger was used to showcase the alphabet in an interactive booth at the Staro Riga Light Festival, where the landscape letter messages were projected onto giant screens.

Zelta Zivtina | Jul 2017

An award-winning, multi-channel campaign we designed for Zelta Zivtina to promote its tariff plan without a roaming service or charges, in a market under new European telecom regulations.

Zelta Zivtina | Mar 2017

An online video and TV commercial we created to promote a member-get-member programme for Zelta Zivtina. The music for the song was composed and performed by Arnis Racinskis, the famous Latvian rock star.

Maxima | Jun 2016

A campaign we developed for an initiative by the Olympic champion (and best-ever Lithuanian swimmer) Ruta Meilutyte and retailer Maxima to raise money for Lithuanian children’s swimming lessons, and in this way, to save them from drowning. The campaign has raised over 110,000 donations.

Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves | Mar 2017

A name, label design and online video we developed for the limited edition Juroje Supasi Lempa (Lamp in the Sea) beer, created for the Kino Pavasaris film festival by Raudonu Plytu Alaus Dirbtuves (Red Brick Beer Workshop). The malt for this beer was dried under a 4.1 kW cinema lamp and the label was coated in ultraviolet dye, making its appearance change once exposed to ultraviolet (and cinema) light.

15 Min | Mar 2011

An award-winning campaign we created for, at the time, the most positive newspaper in Lithuania, 15 min.

Danissimo | Feb 2016

A digital campaign and national phenomena we developed for Danissimo in Belarus. Women were invited to visit a special micro-website where they could choose from a list of the top 120 most popular Belarusian names and upload their picture, at which point a personalised song was generated and performed by a four-member boy band. Over 120,000 of these personalised videos were generated, while nearly 50% of the traffic was viral and the bounce rate was as low as 2.42%. The boy band appeared on national TV in morning talk shows, and the song was featured on the “Top Gift” lists for Valentine’s Day.

Svyturys | Jul 2009

Promotional merchandise we crafted for fans of the Lithuanian National Basketball Team along with viral videos. Walking in these shoes leaves behind the footprints: We Will Win. Over 50,000 shoes were distributed as prizes, while the viral videos collected over 300,000 organic YouTube views.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2009

A multi-awarded campaign we created that brought cult status to the Satta Outside festival and was recognised as Client Of The Year at the Adrenalinas awards. At the time, the brothers were a real creative team at the agency who were briefed to create the campaign. The creative directors could not make sense of their ideas but loved their spirit, so the team became the focus of the campaign.