Olerex | Jan 2022

A campaign we created to launch a new loyalty program for Olerex gasoline stations. We placed the heroes of the campaign – piggy-bank jars – in outdoor advertising stands.


Kiusimisvaba Kool | Dec 2020

A poster we crafted for the Kiusimisvaba Kool (Bullying Free School) program. The tattoo on the arm says “lehm,” which means “cow” in English. The campaign raised enough funds to educate more than 1 000 kids in the program.

Essentiale | May 2020

A series of posters and press ads we crafted for the liver detox drug Essentiale. The illustrator Bogdan Katsuba collaborated with us to create the artwork.

Tele2 | Oct 2019

A campaign we developed for Tele2 telecom that invited people to detoxify their digital habits and use their mobile devices in more meaningful ways.

VIC | Oct 2019

A series of posters we crafted to promote the VIC dental clinic. The artwork was created by the illustrator and comic artist Rocco Lombardi.

Colgate | Apr 2019

A joint project we created with the Red Fuse Paris agency to alert parents to one of the greatest enemies of healthy teeth: sweets.

Inmedica | May 2018

A poster for Inmedica clinics we designed to advertise gastroenterology tests and treatments.

Telia | Sept 2018

A set of posters we designed to promote Telia IT’s system maintenance services to companies.

Tele2 | Sept 2017

A set of outdoor posters that we designed to introduce special data roaming plans for Tele2 Business customers.

Edukaciniai.lt | Dec 2017

A poster that we crafted to promote gift wish list service from Edukaciniai.lt.

Karkle | May 2015

A series of posters we designed for the Karkle music festival. To produce the posters, the figures were modelled in plaster by the contemporary artist Antanas Dubra and were later photographed.

Vaiku Linija | Jan 2016

A volunteer recruitment campaign we created for Vaiku Linija (Children’s Helpline). The campaign resulted in 340 people reaching out and filling in the applications, leading to the creation of 5 new volunteer groups (120 people in total). This enabled an additional 21,000 hours of volunteer work in 2016. As a result, Children’s Helpline was answering 1 in 4 calls (compared to 1 out of 9 in 2015).

Caffeine | Jan 2015

A series of posters we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) showcasing its passion for coffee craftsmanship.

Caffeine | Dec 2014

A series of award-winning posters we created for a special winter coffee called Forest Fairytale.

Maxima | Sept 2014

A campaign that we created for the first-time ever based on various Lithuanian language dialects, which was designed to bring pride to the produce from different regions of Lithuania.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2014

A campaign we developed to promote the Satta Outside Festival – a cult favourite in Lithuania that was taking place in Latvia for the first time.

Caffeine | Oct 2012

A poster we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) Flat White featuring a coffee bean sculpture that resembled the Hokusai wave. The poster was produced by hand-modelling the physical wave using coffee beans and polymer clay, which we then photographed.

Vilnius Book Festival | Sept 2013

A series of posters we designed for the Vilnius Book Festival, exploring the connection between the works and lives of the writers.

Supynes | May 2012

A campaign and visual identity we designed for the Supynes electronic music festival that takes place in the beautiful woods of Aukstaitija National Park.

Vilnius Book Festival | Aug 2012

A highly awarded campaign we developed to promote the first Vilnius Book Festival, which became our first Cannes Lions winner. The illustrations for the campaign were produced by Stasys Eidrigevicius, an acclaimed Lithuanian artist and creator of legendary posters from the ’80s.

15 Min | Mar 2011

An award-winning campaign we created for, at the time, the most positive newspaper in Lithuania, 15 min.

Caffeine | Oct 2010

A simple, yet art direction intensive, award-winning poster we crafted for a coffee with 2 separate layers of cold milk and hot coffee named White & Black.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2009

A multi-awarded campaign we created that brought cult status to the Satta Outside festival and was recognised as Client Of The Year at the Adrenalinas awards. At the time, the brothers were a real creative team at the agency who were briefed to create the campaign. The creative directors could not make sense of their ideas but loved their spirit, so the team became the focus of the campaign.

IOM | Feb 2002

A campaign we developed for the prevention of sex trafficking of women in the Baltic States for the International Organization for Migration. Depending on the country, the campaign reached up to 87% of the risk group, and as a result, 13% of those in the risk group reached out to the IOM for assistance.