Call Russia | Mar 2022

Call Russia – a counter–disinformation initiative we have created in collaboration with 15 Min Group and other partners – has become one of largest and most impactful civic movements against the Russian–Ukrainian war. With very little budget and no pre-existing platform or infrastructure, the initiative has united volunteers from around the globe to cut through Putin’s information blockades and tell millions of Russians the truth and empower them to stand against the war. In just 4 weeks, Call Russia has been featured in 800+ top tier articles from CNN, BBC, CBS News, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, RTL News (Germany), and others, reaching an audience of 1.7+ billion and the volunteers, hailing from 132 countries, have made more than 130,000 calls, with 45% of the calls going through and 47% of those judged as successful.


Tele2 | Jun 2012

A digital business greeting we created for Tele2 business clients on the occasion of their companies’ anniversaries. Clients received personal e-mail invitations that led them to an interactive film featuring a Marilyn Monroe double who phoned the client and sang “Happy Birthday”. The experience of reality was heightened through voice-recognition technology, so that Marilyn knew if and when the client had responded.

Tele2 | Jun 2012

A direct-mail package of personal postage stamps we created targeting the board members of the top fifty Latvian corporations. Each stamp bears the photo or initials of a board member and is registered with the Latvian postal service, so the stamps can actually be used to send letters. This mailing opened the doors to half of the corporations it was used for.