Vaiku Linija | Jan 2016

A volunteer recruitment campaign we created for Vaiku Linija (Children’s Helpline). The campaign resulted in 340 people reaching out and filling in the applications, leading to the creation of 5 new volunteer groups (120 people in total). This enabled an additional 21,000 hours of volunteer work in 2016. As a result, Children’s Helpline was answering 1 in 4 calls (compared to 1 out of 9 in 2015).

Vaiku Linija | Mar 2014

A multi-award-winning TV commercial we created for Vaiku Linija (Children Helpline) to raise awareness about the dangers of cyberbullying.

Vaiku Linija | Mar 2013

A TV commercial we developed to promote an Anti-Bullying Week initiative from Vaiku Linija (Children’s Helpline).