Tele2 | Oct 2020

A set of print ads we created to promote the wireless mobile home Internet service from Tele2.

Essentiale | May 2020

A series of posters and press ads we crafted for the liver detox drug Essentiale. The illustrator Bogdan Katsuba collaborated with us to create the artwork.

Colgate | Apr 2019

A joint project we created with the Red Fuse Paris agency to alert parents to one of the greatest enemies of healthy teeth: sweets.

Vilnius Comedy Fest | Nov 2015

A multi-award-winning visual identity and campaign we created for the first-ever comedy festival in Lithuania, Vilnius Comedy Fest. The logotype of the festival is a reinterpretation of the Vilnius coat-of-arms, and the campaign addresses the notoriously serious local population.

Karkle | May 2015

A series of posters we designed for the Karkle music festival. To produce the posters, the figures were modelled in plaster by the contemporary artist Antanas Dubra and were later photographed.

Maxima | Oct 2014

A campaign we developed to promote diary products at Maxima stores.

Vilnius Book Festival | Sept 2013

A series of posters we designed for the Vilnius Book Festival, exploring the connection between the works and lives of the writers.

Satta Outside Festival | Jul 2014

A campaign we developed to promote the Satta Outside Festival – a cult favourite in Lithuania that was taking place in Latvia for the first time.

Laima | Dec 2012

A press ad we designed for Laima, a women's magazine.

Svyturys | Apr 2013

A print advertisement we crafted to announce the nationwide distribution of a beer previously only available in the Klaipeda region: Memelbräu.

15 Min | Mar 2011

An award-winning campaign we created for, at the time, the most positive newspaper in Lithuania, 15 min.

Svyturys | Jun 2011

A series of print ads we made for the Memelbrau beer from Svyturys – a beer available for purchase only in the Klaipeda region. The ads are based on real stories from the land of Klaipeda.

DnB Nord | Jun 2008

A campaign we developed that epitomises our idea of a great campaign: tangible business numbers (108% ROI, 91% revenue from new clients and 107% revenue growth compared to the previous year), proven effectiveness (winner of the 2nd Most Effective Campaign at the Local Effectiveness Awards), and public delight (2nd Most-Loved TV Commercial in 2008 in Lithuania according to a public vote). This was all done with the help of Chinese fans that were presented singing a remake of the Lithuanian basketball anthem.

Omnitel | Dec 2007

A campaign we designed for Omnitel that invited people to share their joy at Christmas.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A print campaign we created to present the Omnitel SurfPort portals’ specialised news sections for business, sports and entertainment.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A CGI and photography-intensive print ads we crafted, underlying the point that with Omnitel, you don’t need to be special to qualify for special offers.

SEB | Apr 2007

Print ads we created for SEB in a campaign to introduce the option of composing your own bank card design. In the sea of the campaigns suggesting your card should reflect your lifestyle, this one focused on ordinary things that become extraordinary. Curious minds will enjoy discovering small surprises hidden within the “Egypt” ad.

Audi | May 2007

A print-based campaign we crafted for an Audi dealership to make the owners of American imported Audi and Volkswagen cars aware of the available spare parts.

SEB | Oct 2006

We crafted a print ad with enormous detail from 28 photos with the help of 3D modelling. Twenty-eight situations underlined multiple uses for the Laisvalaikis (Eng. Leisure) card. When this print ad was released as a double spread in magazines, people would spend as long as 15 minutes exploring the possibilities.

SEB | Apr 2006

A product concept and a campaign we created to introduce it to the public in response to the commoditised mortgage market. Safe Mortgage would become one of the most powerful products within the SEB Lithuania portfolio and its concept would extend to other products such as consumer loans. The campaign was among the most innovative banking advertisements in Lithuania, including first-of-the-type long copy ads. | Nov 2005

A print ad, part of a campaign we designed that established the online airline tickets category overnight and propelled into the second largest airline ticket seller in the still predominantly offline market.

Kalnapilis | Aug 2005

A special ad we created for the Kalnapilis Grand promotion at a pizza chain that ran in their newspaper-styled menu.