Lidl | Jul 2023

A long-running campaign we created to highlight what makes Lidl stores different such as the low prices and the unique assortment of items they carry. The TV ad featuring a "unique assortment" became the most memorable of the summer of 2022, according to Synopticom Ad Research. The phrase "This is not like Lidl" also became a part of Lithuanian colloquial language.

Lidl | Apr 2022

A campaign we created to present fresh spring and later autumn harvests at Lidl stores.

Olerex | Jan 2022

A campaign we created to launch a new loyalty program for Olerex gasoline stations. We placed the heroes of the campaign – piggy-bank jars – in outdoor advertising stands.

Elvi | Oct 2021

A TV commercial for the grocery retailer Elvi that we created during the Latvian “banana price wars.”

Lidl | Jun 2021

A series of television ads we created to pitch the freshness of the produce available at Lidl stores. According to Synopticom Ad Research, these became the best-liked Lithuanian ads in the second quarter of 2021.

Lidl | Jan 2020

A multi-award-winning campaign we created to pitch the benefits of shopping at Lidl stores to the public. Synopticom Ad Research ranked it as the No. 1 most memorable campaign in Lithuania in the first quarter of 2020, which helped drive a 23.5% annual turnover growth at Lidl stores.

Lidl | Oct 2019

An office employee recruitment online commercial we created for Lidl Lithuania. The commercial is based on the Lithuanian saying “to roll a fool on the floor”, which means to keep procrastinating.

Lidl | Nov 2019

At the end of 2019, Lidl Lithuania pledged to withdraw all single-use plastic shopping bags from Lidl stores for once and for all. We created the new Lidl paper bag design featuring a whale whose tail serves as the handle, and we created a social media campaign to rally Lithuanians to care about the planet.

Coffee Address | Aug 2018

A brand name, visual identity design and line of packaging we developed for the house-blend roasted beans from Coffee Address.

Caffeine | Oct 2018

A reimagining of the famous Tic-Tac-Toe game we designed in 3D to promote the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Caffeine. By using coffee beans and pumpkins instead of noughts and crosses, one can play against a friend or the machine.

Osta | Sept 2017

A visual identity we designed for Osta (Harbor), a Daugava riverfront restaurant. In addition to visual materials, the comprehensive visual identity covered a variety of needs such as the interior, apparel and even the crockery. A mix of graphic design, proprietary illustrations and even a handwritten menu were to create the restaurant’s own language. | Dec 2017

A poster that we crafted to promote gift wish list service from

Maxima | Sept 2016

A TV commercial/music video performed by Zygimantas Kudirka, aka Messiah, for retailer Maxima to promote Brainers. Brainers is a set of 80 cards that encourages kids to discover a fascinating world of experiments and brainteasers.

Maxima | Jun 2016

A campaign we developed for an initiative by the Olympic champion (and best-ever Lithuanian swimmer) Ruta Meilutyte and retailer Maxima to raise money for Lithuanian children’s swimming lessons, and in this way, to save them from drowning. The campaign has raised over 110,000 donations.

Caffeine | Aug 2015

A super-light and super-fast-loading website we developed for Coffee Inn based on Scalable Video Graphics illustrations animated with JavaScript.

Maxima | Jul 2015

A website we developed for Maxima, the largest retailer in the Baltics. It was built using a modular approach, which allows for greater flexibility and provides an excellent user experience with a cohesive modern visual language. The key functionality, which displays weekly and other offers, was brought to a whole new level, where the presented offers are adapted to individual needs and can be easily filtered and searched in a variety of new ways. Maxima’s website became fully responsive and worked seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device.

Caffeine | Dec 2014

A series of award-winning posters we created for a special winter coffee called Forest Fairytale.

Caffeine | Jan 2015

A series of posters we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) showcasing its passion for coffee craftsmanship.

Maxima | Sept 2014

A campaign that we created for the first-time ever based on various Lithuanian language dialects, which was designed to bring pride to the produce from different regions of Lithuania.

Maxima | Oct 2014

A campaign we developed to promote diary products at Maxima stores.

Caffeine | Oct 2012

A poster we designed for Coffee Inn (now Caffeine) Flat White featuring a coffee bean sculpture that resembled the Hokusai wave. The poster was produced by hand-modelling the physical wave using coffee beans and polymer clay, which we then photographed.

Caffeine | Oct 2010

A simple, yet art direction intensive, award-winning poster we crafted for a coffee with 2 separate layers of cold milk and hot coffee named White & Black.

Vision Express | Sept 2007

A series of TV commercials we developed for a long-running popular campaign from the Vision Express optical retailer.