Zelta Zivtina | Oct 2021

A TV commercial we created to introduce “good old prices” available only to seniors for the pay-as-you-go brand Zelta Zivtina. The commercial recreates Pesnya Goda (Song of the Year) – a televised Soviet music festival in the ’80s and an iconic show of that generation.

Tele2 | Oct 2020

A set of print ads we created to promote the wireless mobile home Internet service from Tele2.

Tele2 | Aug 2020

An anti-cyberbullying television commercial we developed for Latvian telco Tele2. It featured Daiga Barkane, also known as Uga, a rapper from the Latgalian region. The campaign provoked intense public discussion, bringing the polarised Latvian views surrounding this topic to the surface.

Tele2 | Dec 2019

An open invitation, in the form of a TV commercial, to spend time at ice rinks during Christmas, which we created for Tele2 in Estonia.

Tele2 | Nov 2019

A board game we designed as a promotional giveaway for Tele2. The board was created in collaboration with the artist Kristine Luize Avotina as a contemporary take on the Russian game Circus. It is a game with no real strategy or tactics – it is all about luck.

Sonarworks | Oct 2019

A digital performance campaign we developed for Sonarworks Reference 4 software. The campaign outperformed the control campaign by almost two times, both at the top and bottom of the consumer journey funnel.

Tele2 | Jul 2019

A TV commercial we created to promote the broad coverage of the Tele2 network in Estonia.

Tele2 | Oct 2019

A campaign we developed for Tele2 telecom that invited people to detoxify their digital habits and use their mobile devices in more meaningful ways.

Telia | Sept 2018

A set of posters we designed to promote Telia IT’s system maintenance services to companies.

Zelta Zivtina | Oct 2018

An online video we created to promote the no-frills pay-as-you-go tariffs from Zelta Zivtina.

Zelta Zivtina | Jul 2018

A series of TV commercials we created to promote the leading pay-as-you go mobile card in Latvia: Zelta Zivtina.

Tele2 | Sept 2018

A TV commercial for Tele2 we created to pitch special offers on data packs for families.

Lemon | Jan 2018

A campaign we developed to launch a youth-focused sub-brand called Lemon, from the Belarus telecom provider Velcom.

Tele2 | Nov 2017

A website we developed for the first genuine alphabet made with images from Latvia’s landscape. The alphabet was a gift to Latvia on its 100th anniversary and features landscape photographs of letters shaped like objects in the terrain. These images were obtained on the Tele2 4G Drone mission, which used a drone to fly to the areas with 4G coverage to publicly assess the strength of the Tele2 4G network. The website featured a landscape letter gallery, where visitors were able to use its messenger feature to send messages using the Latvian landscape letters. The messenger was used to showcase the alphabet in an interactive booth at the Staro Riga Light Festival, where the landscape letter messages were projected onto giant screens.

Tele2 | Sept 2017

A set of outdoor posters that we designed to introduce special data roaming plans for Tele2 Business customers.

Zelta Zivtina | Jul 2017

An award-winning, multi-channel campaign we designed for Zelta Zivtina to promote its tariff plan without a roaming service or charges, in a market under new European telecom regulations.

Tele2 | Feb 2017

A TV commercial we created for a new generation fast mobile home internet service from Tele2.

Zelta Zivtina | Mar 2017

An online video and TV commercial we created to promote a member-get-member programme for Zelta Zivtina. The music for the song was composed and performed by Arnis Racinskis, the famous Latvian rock star.

Tele2 | Oct 2016

A TV commercial we created to introduce a mobile home Internet service from Tele2.

Velcom | Dec 2016

A TV commercial we created for Velcom telco to present the largest 3G network in Belarus.

Velcom | Jun 2016

A TV commercial we created for Velcom telco to promote a payment plan for urban youth called In Your Rhythm.

Velcom | Apr 2015

A book we developed as the result of an 11-month deep dive into the Belarus telco Velcom. The resulting publication summarises the principles behind the organisation and brand in a succinct and sharp manner.

Zelta Zivtina | Dec 2014

A series of TV commercials we made featuring the Zi and Ze characters as a dancing horse performing to different tunes, to promote a new offer from Zelta Zivtina – 2 products for the price of one.

Velcom | Nov 2014

A campaign we developed for Velcom telecom to encourage people to use mobile data on their smart phones.

Zelta Zivtina | Sept 2014

A TV commercial we created for pay-as-you go mobile card Zelta Zivtina to promote their new super-cheap data package.

Zelta Zivtina | Oct 2014

A campaign we developed to remind Zelta Zivtina customers of the benefits of the ZZ Visi unlimited call and text payment plan.

Zelta Zivtina | Nov 2013

A photography series we crafted to present new characters to the Zelta Zivtina advertising series, Zi & Ze.

Omnitel | Jun 2014

A series of award-winning radio commercials we created to introduce the Spotify digital music service for Omnitel customers.

Omnitel | Oct 2013

The world of Omnitel we created featuring 11 unique characters, with detailed outdoor and indoor environments for a series of Omnitel ads. Each character was developed through a process starting from initial sketches and detailed drawings of every facial expression to 3D modelling, texturing and creating movement rigs in partnership with the animation studio OKTA. The outdoor environments replicated Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities and, together with the indoor environments and character accessories, they comprised more than a thousand 3D objects.

Velcom | Jan 2013

A TV commercial we created for Belarus’s largest and very business-oriented telecom company, Velcom. Every mask featured in this ad was handcrafted by the contemporary Belarusian artist Alexander Shappo.

Tele2 | Jun 2012

A digital business greeting we created for Tele2 business clients on the occasion of their companies’ anniversaries. Clients received personal e-mail invitations that led them to an interactive film featuring a Marilyn Monroe double who phoned the client and sang “Happy Birthday”. The experience of reality was heightened through voice-recognition technology, so that Marilyn knew if and when the client had responded.

Tele2 | Jun 2012

A direct-mail package of personal postage stamps we created targeting the board members of the top fifty Latvian corporations. Each stamp bears the photo or initials of a board member and is registered with the Latvian postal service, so the stamps can actually be used to send letters. This mailing opened the doors to half of the corporations it was used for.

Omnitel | May 2008

A campaign we designed to bring Omnitel back to the basics of what communications is all about. It plays on the insight that we are the result of other people’s influences and makes use of an element of Omnitel’s visual identity – the cube – as its hero.

Tele2 | Apr 2012

A campaign we developed to establish Tele2 as a telecom option for business customers. The aim was to showcase big names as Tele2 business clients and to present sophisticated telecommunication solutions, as well as the Tele2 attitude. The main commercial was supplemented by short TV inserts used before or after relevant TV new items and in the same commercial blocks.

Omnitel | Nov 2007

A promotional campaign we created for a new Omnitel tariff plan asking people to “shut up” at certain times – for all other times, there is Omnitel.

Omnitel | Dec 2007

A campaign we designed for Omnitel that invited people to share their joy at Christmas.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A print campaign we created to present the Omnitel SurfPort portals’ specialised news sections for business, sports and entertainment.

Omnitel | Sept 2007

A CGI and photography-intensive print ads we crafted, underlying the point that with Omnitel, you don’t need to be special to qualify for special offers.